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Air Support

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Air Support

Aviation in Action will work with existing non-profits and NGOs both here in the United States and overseas to provide them with faster and easier transportation.

In so many countries the roads are poorly constructed and suffer from neglect and continuous damage from extreme weather. These conditions slow down much needed humanitarian aid and in some cases expose supplies to other groups that will take them for their own use, leaving nothing for those that are in dire need.

Aviation in Action will initially team up with 1040 Initiative (1040i.org), an organization that currently operates in the Ivory Coast of West Africa and Morocco. Their medical, water, and construction teams spend too much of the short mission time travelling into the bush. Aviation in Action will give them the ability to put the resources where they are needed in a fraction of the time. In the future, AiA will also be looking to the South East Asian countries, where the Hmong people live in the mountains and desperately in need of medical supplies and water treatment. Helicopters could supply the means to reach these people and assist in humanitarian efforts.

Over time the vision of the organization is to position aircraft in parts of the world where they will be the most use. In some cases there will be the need in the United States for disaster relief – our hope is that we will have access to aircraft for these situations, as well as pilots and mechanics willing to provide their time and expertise.