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Medical Transportation

How Does This Work?


AiA is developing an online database that will provide pilots and aircraft owners the opportunity to review the needs of local people, so they can help us to help them. Once owners decide to assist, an email will be generated to let AiA know that there is someone willing to fill a flight leg. AiA will verify the airworthiness, the insurance, and the pilot credentials for the flight, and then inform the patient that they have transportation. All of the information for the flight will be provided to the pilot as soon as possible so the flight can be planned properly. Safety is always a top priority. The flight can consist of a single leg drop off, a single leg pick up, or a standby with both legs covered.

What Types of Aircraft Do We Use?

81958177_2315116911928048_864730766708310016_oWe look for every type of aircraft from the smallest piston to a large jet. Usually, if there is a seat available, that will be enough accommodate the patient to get where they need to go. If they need a little more room due to ambulatory issues, we will make sure it is noted in the listing on our web database. If you have an airworthy aircraft, with suitable insurance, AiA can help the people who really need our help. If you have a medical need or know anyone who does, and they have a financial restriction on transportation, we would be happy to help.