Mission Statement:                                                                                                                                           Aviation in Action is a non-profit founded to                                                                             harness the power of aviation for education                                                                             scholarships, medical transport, and humanitarian                                                                 air support.



Aviation in Action has three main missions:


1. To provide flight training scholarships to young people and veterans who have a true passion for aviation but no means to take flight training. A combination of training planes owned by AiA, and cooperation with flight schools will allow for the issuance of commercial licenses and instructor ratings to kick start careers.


2. To provide medical transportation to patients with limited medical coverage who need to get to appointments outside of their hometown and find commercial flight too inconvenient, uncomfortable, or too expensive. The generosity of aircraft owners and pilots are the key to getting the help for these patients when and where they need it.


3. To provide air support for medical, Christian, and disaster relief missions overseas, primarily in third world countries. Partnering with other organizations that are operating in third world countries, or even here at home in times of need, AiA will provide the air transport for rapid intervention or support the teams as they provide critical services.


The board members of Aviation in Action are dedicated to building an organization that is based on Christian principals. Consequently, one of the primary objectives of Aviation in Action is to help the Gospel of Christ take flight worldwide through compassion and service to those in need.


Board of Directors:


President:             Mark Addis

Vice-President:    Bill Eccles

Secretary:              Dave Roach

Director:                 Kent Wyatt

Director:                 Justin Zaklan

Director:                 Mark Jonas


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