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Flight Training

Flight Training Scholarships and Grants

Flight training grants and scholarships are currently available for two groups, high school graduates and military veterans. The scholarships are full commercial pilot courses, including the Certified Flight Instructor certificate. Grants are discretionary funds awarded to assist in the completion of training, primarily for veterans.

High school graduate selections are made by a flight training committee, and is primarily aimed at those coming from disadvantaged situations e.g. foster care, low income areas, or children of incarcerated parents. If other types of candidates show exceptional passion and aptitude, then other backgrounds will be considered. The selection process includes the following; all of these requirements must be met prior to consideration:

  1. The initial application on the AiA Pilot Information Form.

  2. An essay outlining why the candidate feels they deserve the gift of a flying career – this must illustrate a proven passion for aviation, as well as commitment to work hard to achieve the goals and expectations of the committee. Financial hardship is a requirement for the full scholarship and this must be illustrated in this part of the application. Include statements of faith or a testimony.

  3. Three Personal references from family and community leaders such as pastors, teachers, youth counselors etc.

  4. An interview of the top four candidates by the Flight Training Committee.

  5. Flight Aptitude Assessment in a flight simulator or training device.

Once the application, essay, and references are received the interview and aptitude test will be scheduled by the committee.