Flight Training Scholarships & Grants

                                            Flight training grants and scholarships are currently available for two                                                         groups, high school graduates and military veterans.

                                            The scholarships are full commercial pilot courses, including the Certified                                                   Flight Instructor certificate.

                                            Grants are discretionary funds awarded to assist in the completion of                                                         training, primarily for veterans - either in the form of financial assistance                                                 or through the use of our own training aircraft.



                             Medical Transportation

                                            For many patients with serious treatment needs, there are insurmountable                                             challenges with getting to appointments outside of the area in which they                                               live. For some, the cost of the treatment alone creates a huge financial                                                       burden. When these patients find they need treatment in other cities, it                                                   becomes an added worry for them and their families. Aviation in Action                                                       (AiA) works to provide a means for patients to reach much needed                                                               treatment with as little discomfort as possible. This can be achieved                                                           through the generous donations of those in the aviation community.



                                                               Humanitarian Air Support

                                                                                               Aviation in Action is initially teaming up with the 1040 Initiative                                                                                                                     (1040i.org) that currently operates in the Ivory Coast of West Africa and                                                                                                     Morocco. Their medical, water, and construction teams spend too much of                                                                                                   the short mission time travelling in the bush. Aviation in Action will give                                                                                                       them the ability to put the resources where they are needed in a fraction                                                                                                     of the time. AiA is also looking to the South East Asian countries, where                                                                                                       the Hmong people live in the mountains and desperately in need of medical                                                                                                 supplies and water treatment. Helicopters could supply the means to reach                                                                                               these people and assist in humanitarian efforts.




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